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Are you an heir whose inheritance is tied up in probate?

If so we can advance you a portion of your expected distribution and get you the money you need in a few days!

Monica & Matt
-Inheritance Advance Experts

At Heir Cash Now, we are interested in your unique story. Having faced difficult times myself – unemployed and with a mortgage to be paid – I am sensitive to the challenges many of our clients are dealing with.

When you call Heir Cash Now, we will take the time to learn more about your situation. If you are an heir with an inheritance that is held up in probate, we can help you get some of your money right away. I look forward to talking with you soon!

-Matt, Heir Cash Now Manager

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The benefits of an inheritance cash advance from Heir Cash Now:

No hidden fees

Free, friendly consultation

No credit check

Zero risk to you

Fast and personalized service

Competitive rates


We advance funds to heirs in a matter of days.

Here are the steps:

We chat with you to learn about the estate and your share

We talk about how much you need and the cost to you

We begin the due diligence: reviewing the status of the estate

We confirm whether we are able to offer you the advance

Once the advance is approved:

We send you the agreement in a simple electronic form

You sign the agreement to accept the terms of the advance

We wire the advance, and you get the money the same day!

Kaitlin – New Hampshire
Knowledge and empathy

Matt was extremely kind, knowledgeable and professional during my experience with Heir Cash Now. He was pleasant and informative…

Stephanie – Florida
A true blessing

Matt is a true blessing. A nice person very professional. Took care of us without a hesitation. I highly recommend.

Brian – Arizona
Professionals at your service

I would highly recommend using Heir Cash Now. Matt was very patient with me and professional. It turned out to be a great and short process…

We’re here to help!

We understand that losing a loved one is not only painful, but often comes with a whole range of expenses. Our mission is to get you through the difficult times by putting money in your pocket without the long wait! The process is easy and straightforward, with no hidden fees or interest charges.

After your advance (sometimes people think of it as a loan), is approved, you will receive your funds within one business day, to use as you wish!

We are fast!

Cash in days, not years!

We Offer Cash
Advances from $5,000
to $30,000 or more!

The ability to receive an inheritance cash advance is based on the amount that the heir is expecting to receive from the estate. Since an inheritance advance is not a loan, there are no interest charges and no credit check is required. 

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