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Are you waiting for an inheritance currently in probate?

Losing a loved one can be hard, and now the coronavirus outbreak is creating additional difficulties for people across the country. If you are an heir waiting on your inheritance, we can advance you a portion of your expected inheritance without the long wait for probate. Call us to learn more and to get access to some of your money right away. We’re here to help.



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Hi, I’m Matt, the Manager here at Heir Cash Now. Thank you for stopping by. We understand that losing a loved one can be hard. Our priority is to treat everyone who contacts us about an inheritance advance with empathy and respect.

Let us help.

When you call Heir Cash Now, we will take the time to learn more about your situation and discuss whether an inheritance loan makes sense for you. We help heirs and beneficiaries of trusts and estates access some of their inheritance money early. We’ve advanced millions of dollars worth of probate loans to heirs in all 50 states.

Still not sure? Just give us a call or send a message and let’s chat. I look forward to talking with you soon!

-Matt, Heir Cash Now Manager

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Knowledge and empathy

“extremely kind, knowledgeable and professional”

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A true blessing

“Matt is a true blessing. A nice person very professional. Took care of us without a hesitation.”

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Professionals at your service

“I would highly recommend using Heir Cash Now. It turned out to be a great and short process.”

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How it Works

Simple steps to get your inheritance advance from Heir Cash Now.

Here’s how to get your probate advance:

Let’s chat! We’ll ask about your inheritance, the estate and your share

Tell us how much money you’d like to receive

We talk to the estate lawyer and review the probate court case files

We confirm our eligibility to approve your inheritance advance 

Once your inheritance loan is approved:

We email you the agreement for your E-signature

It only takes a few minutes to sign the agreement

We send you the money right away

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Why choose Heir Cash Now for inheritance loans? (Technically, this is not in fact a loan, it’s a purchase of an asset. Your expected inheritance is actually something that you own, so you have a right to sell a portion of it.) We know that there are many inheritance advance companies. While anyone can claim the lowest inheritance advance fees, only one company actually offers the lowest inheritance loan rates day in and day out. When you call Heir Cash Now and talk to one of our highly rated heir advance experts, you will see that we really deliver on our promise to provide the lowest inheritance advance rates in the business.

But offering the lowest inheritance loan rates is only one part of what sets Heir Cash Now apart from other inheritance loan companies. We also pride ourselves on delivering the best service in the inheritance advance loan industry.

We provide personalized, friendly service to heirs everywhere who are seeking inheritance loans near me. So call us now at (860) 800-6633 and discover our inheritance advances. Get a great rate today without any surprise inheritance loan fees.