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How an Inheritance Funding Company Works

What would you do if you received your inheritance today? Perhaps pay down some debts, buy a car, or take care of a loved one?…Whatever your reason for seeking out your inheritance, a trusted Virginia inheritance funding company can help you get cash within days!

How much you can receive from an inheritance funding company is based on what you, the heir or beneficiary, are expecting to receive from the estate. With Heir Cash Now, cash advances range from $5,000 to $30,000 and up.

There are several terms used for an inheritance cash advance in Virginia and across the US. Don’t get confused, they all mean the same thing. Other terms used for “Inheritance cash advance”:

  • Probate loan
  • Probate Advance
  • Inheritance Loan
  • Inheritance funding

Keep in mind that an inheritance advance is not actually a loan. Rather, the inheritance advance company is purchasing a piece of an heir’s future inheritance from the heir for a fixed dollar amount. The money you receive now is actually the “purchase price” for the rights to a small piece of your eventual payment from the decedent’s Estate.

Since an inheritance advance is not a loan, there are no credit checks or interest charges, and we aren’t concerned with your work history. As long as you have an inheritance coming to you, even a possible criminal record is not a problem.

At Heir Cash Now we have experience guiding clients through the process so there are no surprises. We take pride in helping our clients receive their money immediately instead of having to wait for months or even years to receive their rightful inheritance.

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We understand that a loved one’s passing is not only a challenging time, but one that can also come with a whole range of impacts and expenses. Heir Cash Now helps Virginia residents and heirs of Virginia estates get their inheritance cash advance quickly and securely.

As the only inheritance advance company based in Virginia, Heir Cash Now is ready to assist you with your pressing funding needs.

You don’t have to wait for the lengthy probate process to end to put your inheritance to work!

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