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We wonder how many people can’t even answer their phone any more, particularly landlines, without  being harassed by one type of transparent scam or another… A guy calling himself “Bob Smith” with a foreign accent so thick you could cut it with a knife. Or maybe you’re besieged by annoying robo-sales calls, which even if they’re not scams certainly sound like they are, or might as well be!   It’s gotten out of control!  Fake IRS calls, phony computer fix-it calls, scam neck-brace or vacation calls, scam sweepstakes calls, you name it.  But it’s those sleazy, sneaky inheritance scam con men, the email to phone scams, that are the worst.  Especially as the scam victims are calling inheritance loan companies for help with a loan on an inheritance, and of course are declined.

This particular scam is generally perpetrated by Nigerian criminals pretending to be British lawyers… No one is safe.  They target the elderly,  younger Americans, middle aged men usually residing in blue collar rural areas…  inventing phony “overseas inheritances”, it’s never in the United States of course.  These criminals are expert at talking a percentage of  desperate people into  giving up their last $30,000 or $50,000, or whatever it is they have left in their bank account.

What type of conscienceless sociopath can do something like that, you ask yourself, and then are able to look at themselves in the mirror.  The authorities really must step up activities to catch and arrest these criminals — and give them stiff prison sentences for doing that much harm to middle aged and elderly folks in poor areas, that have so little.  To rob them like that is literally destroying their lives.

Out of all the scams out there, the Inheritance Scam, brought to us by professional con men in Nigeria, pretending to be in a London, England office…is probably the most heinous and financially damaging crime of all…. A con man with a fake British accent tells their victim they are from a govt. organization; a bank, or a law firm; and that they have this 8-figure inheritance    left to them by “a long lost relative” in Nigeria or Malaysia or London, or Hong Kong.  But “first you have to pay $18,000″…or $25,000… Or $35,000 or whatever – to pay “foreign  taxes” or “overseas estate fees”… to get their millions out of a “government account”.

These types of so-called accounts and fees don’t even actually exist.  It’s a fictionalized account of what a genuine estate is all about.

The saddest part of this sad little drama is that many of these would-be heirs or beneficiaries begin  researching online, looking for an inheritance advance, probate advance, inheritance loan, heir advance, estate loan, probate loan or inheritance cash advance (whatever you choose to call it). These scam victims are calling inheritance loan companies for help. In reaching out to inheritance funding companies or inheritance loan companies, they are hoping to be able to get a  probate cash advance, inheritance loan, probate loan, or estate loan – to pay these con men fees that don’t really exist, to gain  access to a phony multi-million dollar inheritance, that also naturally does not exist. The would-be heirs look into inheritance advance rates or inheritance loan fees, and then submit applications to several of the better known, established probate loan or inheritance advance companies like Heir Cash Now Only to be declined of course, as they clearly do not have a genuine inheritance coming to them.

It’s of course terribly sad that these scam victims are calling inheritance loan companies to be bilked out of thousands of dollars.  However, these folks usually figure out soon enough that they are not really inheriting all those millions of dollars.  Hopefully, everyone will soon know that the inheritance scam is not real, and that none of those Nigerian con men are British solicitors or bankers… and that no one leaves million dollar inheritances to people they have never even met. 

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