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Inheritance Funding

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How Inheritance Funding Works in Maryland

What would you do with the money, if you got an inheritance advance from Heir Cash Now today? Pay off debts? Purchase a really good 2nd hand car, or brand new car? Get some family members you love out of debt? Or buy your parents or parent a beautiful new home? Whatever you’d do with your inheritance funding cash in Maryland is up to you – we don’t even ask you in your application.

At any rate, Heir Cash Now can help you get a portion of your inheritance typically within 48 to 72 hours!

How much you can receive from an inheritance funding company is based on what you, the heir or beneficiary, are expecting to receive from the estate. With Heir Cash Now, cash advances range from $3,000 to $100,000 and up.

Various terms are used to request, or describe, inheritance funding in Maryland – and these popular terms are used interchangeably; however even though the term “loan” or “loans” are used, these transactions are, in fact, not interest based loans, but are inheritance cash advance assignments, not requiring personal income, employment or credit information. Terms used to describe assignments include:

  • Inheritance Cash Advance
  • Inheritance Loan
  • Probate loan
  • Probate Advance
  • Inheritance Advance
  • Inheritance Advance Loan
  • Inheritance Loan Advance
  • Estate Loan


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Don’t wait for Probate to Close, Get a Probate Advance Today!

Probate in Maryland could take a year, even 18 or 24 months to close before you can access your entire inheritance. If you require funds right away, that’s a long time to wait. At Heir Cash Now we have account managers that are experienced at guiding you through the rapid probate loan, or probate cash advance, process – so there are no surprises along the way. Our staff takes pride in helping you to get through the process to receive a portion of your inheritance in just a few days; rather than waiting for months or even years to receive funds from your inheritance.

View our FAQ’s to learn more about inheritance funding!

We understand that losing a loved one is not only a challenging time emotionally, but it also comes with a wide range of expenses. Heir Cash Now has been helping Maryland heirs for years, to access inheritance funds in advance of probate closing, toget through this difficult period, smoothly and with less stress. .

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