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Inheritance Cash Advance Information

An inheritance is a big deal that you may only receive once in your lifetime and terms like Inheritance Cash Advance or Probate are unfamiliar. And it’s no wonder that very few people understand how an inheritance works as it is often part of a legal process.

We created this list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about your inheritance and if an inheritance cash advance is right for you.

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Inheritance Cash Advance Information

What is an inheritance advance?

It’s easy to get confused as there are many names for an inheritance cash advance including a inheritance advance, estate advance, probate advance and probate cash advance. It’s important to know that an inheritance advance is different from an inheritance loan.

An inheritance advance is a cash advance on the inheritance you will receive from an estate.

An inheritance advance company reviews what you might inherit from the estate then offers you cash based on that amount. This money isn’t a loan, there’s no interest and you don’t repay anything. Instead, the inheritance advance company is given part of your inheritance, and the estate pays the company at the end of the probate process.

How much does an inheritance advance cost

To understand inheritance loan costs it’s important to first understand how a cash advance on an inheritance works. While it’s natural to think of an inheritance advance as a loan, there are important differences between a loan and an inheritance advance.

While the term “inheritance loan” is widely used as a form of informal description, an inheritance cash advance is not a loan. With a typical loan, the borrower receives money up front and pays interest on the loan. The balance of a traditional loan grows steadily according to the interest rate and the length of time the loan is in effect.

The short answer is that we don’t know the cost till we look at your specific inheritance. An inheritance advance is definitley more expensive than waiting for your inheritance but likely less expensive that a credit card. Here are all of the details

How Much Does an Inheritance Loan Cost?

Can I borrow money against my inheritance?

Is borrowing money from an inheritance possible? The short answer is usually a ‘yes’.
Should you be borrowing money against a future inheritance, that can be a bit more complicated.

Usually if someone is interested in borrowing money from an inheritance before it is distributed they need some money in the short-term. There are many options when looking for cash fast including by credit cards, personal loans and even an inheritance advance. All can be expensive options and it’s usually best to wait for the inheritance and any associated probate or other legal processes to complete. Click the following article to learn more.

Borrowing money from an inheritance

Inheritance advance companies near me

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What is a probate cash advance?

A probate advance is a cash advance of an inheritance provided by Heir Cash Now. These agreements are made on the condition that you receive a portion of your inheritance up front, and the we are paid back with the full inheritance once probate is complete. They are sometimes referred to as inheritance advances or probate cash advances.

Probate advances result in a smaller inheritance than you would receive directly from the Estate; however, they are still a valid option for individuals who want their inheritance on a faster timeline. There can be a number of financial reasons for this decision, or it could just be because probate is expected to be lengthy.



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Dealing with any lender can be concerning. The team at Heir Cash Now want to make sure you understand what you are owned in an upcoming inheritance and what options you have it things are going to take a long time.

If waiting for your inheritance is not going to work for you then we are here to help you get a portion of your inheritance. Sure it’s more expensive than waiting but it’s still a good option for some who need cash today.

We work hard to make sure you understand everything about the process and cost. We’ve done a good job getting our clients questions answered and money fast as shown by our A+ BBB rating!

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