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How long does it take to get money from a trust?

The most common question we get asked is “How long does it take to get money from a trust fund?” The general answer is ‘typically’ money from a trust are distributed within one year to eighteen months. It is rare for you, the beneficiary, to wait longer than two years.

Why does it take so long to get money from a trust?

There are many legal factors and the way that trust was setup affects how fast trust funds can be distributed. In general, trusts are supposed to be distributed in a ‘reasonable’ amount of time but this is often unclear.

Here are three of the most common factors that slow down a trusts distribution:

  • Having a trustee who isn’t pushing the trust forward.
  • Instructions in the trust that direct the trust to be distributed in a particular way.
  • If a family member or other beneficiary contests the the trust with a lawsuit. The trust distribution can’t move forward till the lawsuit is settled.
  • For estate trusts larger than about $11 million, taxes will be owned and IRS review often slow distribution down to two years or more.
  • Trusts can include  a so-called “spendthrift clause” that prohibits the beneficiary from assigning his or her interest.  This is meant to protect the beneficiary, but it means the trust assets cannot fund a loan or inheritance cash advance.

If you want to speed up the distribution great communication with the trustee often helps. It would also be good to know what is stated in the trust but this is up to the trustee if they want you to have access to the trust documents. Often there is an abstract (short summary) of the trust that beneficiaries are given. Please read and understand your trust if possilbe.

How long does it take to get money from an inheritance?

Can I get trust money early?

The trustee often has many options when it comes to early distribution of trust funds or assets such as a car but it is also often their choice. Can you meet with your trustee? Share your situation with the trustee if you need money for things like living expenses or other hardships. Was the trust established to help with your support or health, then trust money could be distributed early. If the trustee isn’t responding to your requests and If you’re still asking how long does it takes to settle a trust after death? you could speak with a trust attorney in private.

How else can i get my trust fund early?

If you need money now for whatever reason other more expensive options such as loans, credit cards or an inheritance advance company may help. We’ll assume you understand how traditional loans and credit cards work. An inheritance advance from Heir Cash Now is different than a loan, it’s actually a cash advance from money you are already owed from the inheritance. For more about how an inheritance advance works you can read more here https://heircashnow.com/how-it-works/

We hope this information has helped you answer the original question ‘How long does it take to get money from a trust?’. If you still have questions please contact Matt who has years of experience as a trust advance advisor info@heircashnow.com or 860-800-6633.

For those who have pressing financial needs and you can’t wait for your inheritance to be distributed there are options to access part of the money you are owed early. Usually less expensive than a credit card or other short-term loans an inheritance advance offers you a portion of the money owed with a fixed cost that doesn’t fluctuate over time or have hidden surprises. The inheritance advance company looks to the estate for repayment not to the individual, so even a beneficiary with poor credit can get an advance quickly and without embarrassing personal questions.



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