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Can I ask for an advance on my inheritance?

Can I ask for an advance on my inheritance?
Right off, it’s important to understand that money you will receive from an inheritance in yours even if it’s not distributed yet. Often an inheritance takes time especially if there was no trust established and the inheritance must now go through a probate court.

If you’re not familiar with the inheritance loan – probate process have a look at our article titled
“Probate Loans – What is the probate process?”

Can I ask for an advance on my inheritance?

Okay, so if you know you are getting an inheritance but need the money sooner. You can get an advance on the inheritance though it’s not a loan.  It’s a portion of your expected inheritance, but you are getting it now rather than when the estate distributes, which could be many months in the future. A simple way to understand is that an inheritance advance is borrowing against future inheritance.

The next questions is usually “how much does an inheritance advance cost?” An inheritance advance is not cheap but it’s often much less expensive that cash advances, credit card interest or other forms of money you can borrow.

An Inheritace Advance also has many other benefits including knowing the cost upfront, not requiring a credit check, not requiring income confirmation and best of all there is no ongoing interest as time goes on.  Unlike a loan, you don’t have to pay the money back if it turns out your inheritance is less than you expected.

Heir Cash Now is here to help answer your questions and give you peace of mind, it’s your inheritance and funds come directly from the Estate, meaning there’s no wait, no worry, and no stress on your end!

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Can I ask for an advance on my inheritance?

Now that you understand you can you get an advance against your inheritance, here are some important details you may want to know.

How Do Probate Loans Work?

As your probate lender we work with you to evaluate the estate and how much you stand to inherit even if you want a small inheritance advance. Assuming all looks good we can offer you an immediate payment of less than your full inheritance. We then get reimbursed the full amount when probate ends. So, you will get less than you originally expected, but you will receive that money sooner, regardless of how long or how uncertain a probate may be.

Worth noting Heir Cash Now takes risk that your inheritance will not pay or, pay out less or may take much longer than expected.

Example: Your aunt leaves you $15,000 in her will. While her estate is in probate, a lender evaluates your aunt’s estate and your potential inheritance and offers you a probate loan of $12,000. You get that money right away, and at the end of probate the lender receives whatever you would have received.

Make an Informed Decision About Probate Loans

If you are considering a inheritance loan, don’t make the decision lightly. Take some time to evaluate whether it is a good option for you.

  • Speak with an estate attorney or financial advisor. These professionals can help you understand the probate loan process and the legal and financial aspects of your decision.
  • Understand the entire value of your inheritance. An estate attorney will also be able to help you understand what you are eligible to receive from the estate and how long it might take for you to receive it.
  • Notify the executor or administrator of the estate. Let that person know what you are planning to do so he or she can (1) provide any necessary documentation and (2) be prepared for the Heir Cash Now to become involved in the probate process.
  • Consider alternatives. If you are considering probate lending because of financial need, could you get a loan from a family member? Could you get a personal loan? Keep reading to see why these options might be worth considering.

Is a Probate Loan Right For You?

As mentioned a probate loan can be expensive, so is one right for you, here are some additional considerations:

  • If I can’t wait for my inheritance money: If you have a financial need and cannot afford to wait for probate, probate funding may be a viable option. You will get less money, but you will get the money when you need it.
  • If you want your inheritance sooner: Probate can take a long time, and you may be willing to forego some of your inheritance to receive your inheritance sooner. A typical, uncomplicated probate can take anywhere from four to eight months to complete. Any type of conflict or unusual asset could mean the probate lasts for a year or more. If you do not want to wait, probate funding could give you a smaller amount sooner.
  • If you want certainty about your inheritance money:
  • If the outcome of the probate is complicated or uncertain, using a probate lender may work to your advantage.

Heir Cash Now understands probate and has an incentive to make sure it’s done efficiently and correctly. When we take over the right to receive some of your inheritance, we will use whatever measures and strategies we can to protect our investment in you.

So if an estate is very complicated or has a lazy or incompetent executor, we have the means and know-how to enforce your rights and get what is owed. This can be of service to the other beneficiaries of that estate as well.

Remember that other options exist and call us to find out if an inheritance advance is right for you. Follow us on LinkedIn and get your questions answered today! 

Can I ask for an advance on my inheritance?

For those who have pressing financial needs and you can’t wait for your inheritance to be distributed there are options to access part of the money you are owed early. Usually less expensive than a credit card or other short-term loans an inheritance advance offers you a portion of the money owed with a fixed cost that doesn’t fluctuate over time or have hidden surprises. The inheritance advance company looks to the estate for repayment not to the individual, so even a beneficiary with poor credit can get an advance quickly and without embarrassing personal questions.


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