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Your Inheritance Advance

If your expected inheritance is stuck in probate or trust proceedings, let us help you get some of your money now.

When you call Heir Cash Now, we will discuss whether getting an inheritance cash advance on some of your inheritance makes sense for you. We’ve made inheritance loans to hundreds of people, typically within a few days of calling.

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How it Works – 4 Easy Steps

Get started with your inheritance cash advance,
whether you need $5,000 or $50,000.

We chat with you about your inheritance and money you need

We work to qualify you ASAP 

Upon approval we send a contract electronically to be signed

You can have your money in just MINUTES after signing the contract

Meet Matt, your guide to a fast inheritance advance

“I’ve helped hundreds of people get cash fast through an inheritance advance.

Let’s get on a call, discuss your situations and get the process started with no hassles.

I look forward to speaking with you and getting the job done asap.”

~ Matt, HCN Manager

Inheritance advances, made easy!

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Inheritance Advances Explained

Did you know an inheritance loan is actually an inheritance advance, on money owed to you. We buy a fixed dollar amount of your inheritance. You get your money now and we get paid when the probate closes. Here’s how it works >>

We know that there are many inheritance advance companies. When you call Heir Cash Now Matt, your friendly inheritance advance loan expert, will walk though the process.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service of any inheritance advance company. Get a great rate today without any surprise inheritance loan fees.

When you search for inheritance loans near me, Heir Cash Now is ready to help. Call us now at (860) 800-6633, we’ve helped hundreds get their inheritance advances with no hassles!


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