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Hear what John has to say about his experience with Heir Cash Now:

Hi, my name is John. When my father suddenly passed away, I was overwhelmed with everything that was going on. Then I find out there was no will and all the family was confused about what to do, I had no idea. Then it turned out that it is all caught up in probate.

Well, I did a little research and I found Heir Cash Now, there was a gentleman named Matt, he walked me through the situation, and told me do not stress about it too much we will get it figured out and said he will get back to me in a couple of days. It turned out, he did get back to me before 48h and he said I think we have got you all figured out, what that meant!! but he did.

I was able to get an advance from the estate to pay all the bills that were a problem, no more stressing. And from then on, I was able to breath. I just wanna say thanks a lot Heir Cash Now and especially you Matt,
Thank you!

Kaitlin – New Hampshire
Knowledge and empathy

Matt was extremely kind, knowledgeable and professional during my experience with Heir Cash Now. He was pleasant and informative…

Stephanie – Florida
A true blessing

Matt is a true blessing. A nice person very professional. Took care of us without a hesitation. I highly recommend.

Brian – Arizona
Professionals at your service

I would highly recommend using Heir Cash Now. Matt was very patient with me and professional. It turned out to be a great and short process…

Arlene – Nevada
Caring People

Mom’s Estate Probate was tied up in Court, my daughter & I in dire need, HCN’s Matt Lachenbach took such good care of loan, went out of his way to reassure us, that very same day I received the cash in few hours. I cannot thank him enough, he truly is a Hero. Few days ago I received a call from Matt w/ HCN, he ask how my daughter & I are doing, he remembered every single detail, anyway he called to inform me that he received payment & loan was all paid up, Thats not all, He wants to send me $500.00 rebate as it stated in contract loan was pd. after 6 months, I was shocked & wasn’t expecting such Honest Diligent Amazing person. It feels good to know that he’s looking out for customers best interest. I knew then that I made the right choice choosing HCN, even better Matt
Lachenbach is the Best, most honest, kind understanding, hardworking, he really pulled hard for our sake.

FYI: finance interest rate was $1,200 less than other popular Loan Companies. Kudos & God Bless Matt & family. Thank you so much, you sir are a God sent.

Vegas Strong ❤ HCN Ct.

Heather – Rhode Island
Above and beyond service

Matt when above and beyond to help us with our financial problems. made the process easy and informative. walked us through the process step by step. was willing to answer all our questions and made it happen.

Mary – Pennsylvania
Outstanding, fair and compassionate service

Outstanding, fair, compassionate service. The process was easy, the rates were very competitive, and the rebate came automatically and extremely quickly. Highly recommend.

Robin – California
Quick Service

Matt was so nice and professional! Not only did he make receiving an advance on my inheritance simple and prompt. He also told me of a property a company to help me relocate.. I highly recommend this company!

Will – Connecticut
Felt treated like a human being

When my father passed away, which did not go well, I was concerned about his finances and protecting my and my sister in-laws inheritance. I knew it would not be a lot but also of course had financial situations in my own life that I knew could be handled sooner had I access to some of those funds. When I found Heir Cash Now I was very
impressed with not only the kind but professional help I received from Matt Lackenbach but also how repayment was handled to where I did not loose hardly anything for the advance monies on my inheritance. I had checked other services and found them to be, for lack of better words, cold and money grubbing. I felt with Matt that he cared about my situation and he did everything he could to make the process as painless and trouble free as possible. I cannot recommend them enough, very professional but also felt treated like a human being and not “just another customer”

Tace – Pennsylvania

Honest, compassionate, and extremely fast.

Louis – Idaho
In my time of need

I highly recommend using these people as I found they were the best option to turn to when needing funds after dealing with the loss of a loved one. No need to wait a year or more for probate. If you need money and need it now Heircashnow is the BEST option. I worked with Matt and he was very
Professional, Friendly and explained the terms in easy to understand language. They had the funds to me in hours. Not days or weeks. Dont waste your time with anyone else. Thanks.

Denise – Wisconsin
Personalized service

If you want someone that takes your situation personally, then you have the right place. They care about your situation and you as a person. I have recommended these guys and would be more than willing to recommend them again. I don’t know what my family would have done if I hadn’t come across Matt’s number when I did. I will be forever grateful to these guys.