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Dear Heir,

At Heir Cash Now, our goal is to empower our clients to create peace of mind. Getting an advance on your inheritance will help.

When a loved one passes, the last thing you want to think about is money. When you are grieving, it can be a challenge to focus on your finances. Fortunately, most of us will have to deal with a probate or inheritance situation only once or twice in our lives.

If you are an heir awaiting your inheritance, you may have already discovered that probate matters require both patience and diligence. It can be extremely frustrating to know that your expected inheritance will help ease your financial situation, but that the money will likely be inaccessible for months or even years. A viable option to speed up the process is an estate loan, or inheritance advance.

With an advance on an inheritance, you can receive money right away to help you rebuild your financial future. You may qualify for an inheritance advance if you are expecting an inheritance of at least $18,000.

One recent client used our inheritance funding services to invest in her new painting business, purchasing supplies; another client got an inheritance loan to get  new vehicle to get his  business off the ground.  Another client used his advance on inheritance to pay off debts, and another recently used her loan on inheritance to purchase life-saving medicine for her elderly mother.

Your probate advance money is yours to use as you see fit.

Whatever situation you may be facing, Heir Cash Now is here to support you with a fast trust or probate loan. We encourage you to take action today to start the process of rebuilding your financial future.  Call us at (860) 800-6633 or fill out the inheritance advance form on our website to receive a call back so we can discuss your unique situation.

We are here to support you in bringing peace of mind and stability. We look forward to speaking with you.


-Matt Manager, Heir Cash Now

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